How to Buy

If you wish to purchase any of the artwork that I have offered for sale on my website, please contact me through Facebook Messenger (Katie Kinsman), Instagram direct message, (Katie_Kinsman_in_Finland) or email, Please relay the artwork(s) (name of piece, description or screenshot) that you wish to purchase, along with any questions that you may have regarding any of the below information.

I will respond to any message sent to me within twenty-four hours regarding the purchase of artwork.

All prices are in Euros and do not include shipping. There are many websites that will quickly calculate currency conversion. Here is one, here is another.

Shipping prices will vary according to the country the artwork will be mailed to and the speed of delivery requested by the buyer. The type of shipping will be finalized between with the buyer via messenger, direct message and/or email communications. Additional information regarding postage costs can be found at

Buyer will need to provide mailing/shipping address and a phone number where they may be reached, to help insure the delivery of the purchased artwork.

Payment for artwork can be made via PayPal or by direct bank transfer (IBAN required). I cannot take paper checks for payment.

The Little Lady Dolls, as well as the Tiny Bunny Dolls purchasing and shipping information is slightly different, as the pieces are smaller, and can be sent (up to four dolls at one time) in a letter-sized padded envelope. The information is as follows: