Kukonkannus lives a small garden behind a retirement home. It’s a nice, quiet space. Many of the people who live in the retirement home work in the garden too. Every spring, new annual flowering plants are brought in and planted in the flower beds. Kukonkannus loves the big pink and red begonias, and the tall delphiniums. This year, huge white dalias were also planted, along with lots of hydrangeas in pinks and blues and purples! The hydrangeas are a perfect place to sit quietly and watch the residents of the retirement home while they enjoy the garden. Kukonkannus knows that there may be a resident or two who can see her. Even when she’s completely still and peeking out from between the flowers and leaves, she knows that she’s being seen by Mrs. Mäkinen. It’s all in the way that Mrs. Mäkinen smiles when she’s looking at Kukonkannus that makes her believe that she’s being seen. Like Mrs. Mäkinen is seeing something that she has believed was real since she was a little girl.

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This is a completely handmade doll created by the seller, using patterns and designs of her own creation. Materials used in the creation of this art doll include: acrylic felt, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss,  thread, yarn and PVA glue. Clothing on doll is not removable. This doll has posable arms and legs. Kukonkannus is an art doll. Kukonkannus is not intended for children under the age of five, and should be played with gently to ensure many years of enjoyment. Doll made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

Kukka (Koo-kah) is the Finnish word for flower. There really isn’t a good translation for the word sprite though. A sprite can be described using the words elf or fairy, but these dolls are not elves or fairies. They are sprites. These dolls are more like a guardian or a spirit, than an elf or a fairy. For me, the only word that described them was sprite, so I decided to call these dolls Kukka Sprites.

Kukonkannus (KOO-kon-kahn-nus) is Finnish for Delphinium.

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