Punaherukka does not appreciate the birds who stuff themselves rotten with the red currants from the red current bushes that she tends. Honestly, if Punaherukka had her way, all of the jewel-like red currants would just stay perfect, shiny, red and ripe all year round! Punaherukka has at times, actually collected small pebbles to throw at the greedy birds who she feels steal her berries. It’s not that Punaherukka is mean or anything. It’s just that she feels as though she needs a little time to enjoy how lovely the currant bushes look with all the gleaming red berries on them. It just seems like as soon as they are ripe, BAM! The birds just descend and eat every berry! Perhaps she will feel different when she gets older. She’s only 612 after all.

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This is a completely handmade doll created by the seller, using patterns and designs of her own creation. Materials used in the creation of this art doll include: acrylic felt, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, thread, yarn, PVA glue, a glass bottle with a cork, recycled plastic, and a metal straight pin. This doll comes with the glass bottle with cork as pictured. This doll has posable arms and legs. Punaherukka is an art doll. Punaherukka is not intended for children under the age of five. Because of the small size of Punaherukka, she is a possible choking hazard for small children or pets. Punaherukka can be removed from the glass bottle, as well as the metal pin used to make her stand.

Doll made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

Measurements for doll, without glass jar: 1.5 x .5 x 1 inches

Punaherukka (POO-nuh-hair-oo-kuh) is the Finnish word for red currant.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 1.25 × 1.25 in


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