Sabine is a very tiny elephant. She knows that being an elephant that is the size of a mouse is rather odd, but she doesn’t dwell on it too much. She knows who she is and what she is capable of. Sabine loves going to the lake to swim and if she had her way, she would choose to live in a little house on the shores of a lake. She loves the stillness of swimming early in the morning, when the world is quietly waking up. Often times, she takes her breakfast with her, so she can eat it after her swim. There’s a lovely, flat rock that juts into the lake that is perfect for sunbathing and breakfast eating.

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This is a completely handmade doll created by the seller, using patterns and designs of her own creation. Materials used in the creation of this art doll include: acrylic felt, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, thread, beads,  yarn, PVA glue, up-cycled corrugated cardboard. carton board and a metal straight pin. This doll comes with the display stand pictured. This doll has posable arms, legs and trunk. Sabine is an art doll. Sabine is not intended for children under the age of five, and should be played with gently to ensure many years of enjoyment. Doll made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

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