Turk Tank


Turk Tank has much in common with a Tonka Truck from the 1970’s. He’s tough and can take a lot of damage, and still be a lot of fun to play with. Turk Tank is always ready to go when his friends want to play rough and tumble types of games. Many times, he can be found on the bottom of a pile of friends laughing because he’s just having so much fun. Turk Tank prefers having a nice, open area to play in. He doesn’t like to be confined to any one spot for too long. This may be the reason he wolfs-down his meals in minutes. He just cannot sit still for too long. Turk Tank seems to have two speeds; constant motion and sleeping. For these reasons, whomever adopts Turk Tank needs to know that he may be found face-down in the middle of the floor snoring, simply because his body said it was time for sleep.

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This is a completely handmade doll created by the seller, using patterns and designs of her own creation. Materials used in the creation of this art doll include: acrylic felt, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, thread, wire, glass beads, aluminum foil, watercolor, acrylic paint, acrylic sealant, paper clay, PVA glue and up-cycled corrugated cardboard and newsprint. This doll has movable arms and legs. Turk Tank is an art doll. Turk Tank is not intended for children under the age of five, and should be played with gently to ensure many years of enjoyment. Doll made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

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Dimensions 13 × 8 × 7.5 in


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