Winnie and Shelley


Winnie and Shelley each like to have their alone time, away from one another. It makes the time that they do spend together much better. They are both of the mind that if you can’t be okay being yourself while completely on your own, how do you expect to be yourself when you are with another person? There was a time in which they considered each going their separate ways, but they decided to talk about their feelings and figure out what was going to be the best for them as individuals so that they could continue being in each others lives. It wasn’t an easy process. In fact, it got weird, scary and just down-right horrible at one point. But they kept at it. They kept working on their relationship and managed to figure it out. Winnie and Shelley would be great companions for a person experiencing a similar sort of situation, with themselves or with another person. Winnie and Shelley are both very empathetic individuals who would love to share with others what has helped them.

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This is a completely handmade doll created by the seller, using patterns and designs of her own creation. Materials used in the creation of this art doll include: acrylic felt, polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, thread, wire, glass beads, PVA glue and up-cycled plastic and carton board. This doll has posable arms and legs. These two dolls can be displayed as two individual dolls, or joined together by the plastic spouts mounted in the abdomens of each doll. Winnie and Shelley are art dolls. Winnie and Shelley are not intended for children under the age of five, and should be played with gently to ensure many years of enjoyment. Doll made in a pet-free and smoke-free environment.

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