All items ship from Finland. Shipping prices are subject to change by Finnish Posti. You can see any updates to shipping pricing here. The Posti website has an option for English language.

Orders Processed:

Orders will be processed within 3 to 5 business days of purchase.

Small Dolls:

Little Ladies, Niittykeijuja, Tiny Animals as well as some of the smaller, thinner dolls from the Woodland Creatures categories are shipped via Priority Letter in a padded envelope. The dolls within this Small Doll grouping do not exceed 20g individually, with additional padded envelope packaging. Please note that multiple Small Dolls will increase the weight of the padded envelope. You can find the information regarding weights and dimensions and the prices front Posti here.

Medium and Larger Dolls:

Creative Experiment Dolls and Woodland Creature Dolls require shipping in a larger form. Larger dolls within the Creative Experiment and Woodland Creature Dolls do not exceed .136g individually. Please note that multiple dolls will increase the weight of the parcel. You can find parcel shipping information regarding weighs and dimensions an pricing from Posti here.