Tiny Bumble Bears

Barva Oso 30€ She is a bear of many talents. Her multiple degrees in microbiology have made her quite a catch for biotech start-ups. Her childhood fascination with fungi and molds propelled her into the study of science as a child. Her favourite singer is Grace Jones, and she loves relaxing with coloring books after a long day in the lab.

Farba Bjørn 30€ She’s been working with an kitten rescue group for about four years now. She loves taking care of little neonatal kittens. As an accountant, she can work from home, which frees her up to feed and care for the kittens as needed. She’s currently learning to make her own yogurt, and has been a pescatarian for over ten years.

Kuma Bumbar 30€ She longs for a space of her own, and friends of her own. Kuma is one of seven siblings. She’s never felt like she’s ever had any time to herself and often sneaks off to the park to read by herself, until her siblings find her and drag her home. She’s contemplating majoring in forestry with the hopes of being posted in a remote region to work. Blueberries are her favourite food in the world.

Mielikki Abella 30€ She’s currently finalizing her business plan for the bakery that she wants to open. Her grandmother taught her how to make bread when she was little. She double majored in food science and business with the intent to open her own bakery, selling breads and baked goods locally, then regionally. She is painfully aware of her resemblance to Bimbo, and refuses to wear white because of it.

Umbala Karhu 30€ She started playing oboe because everyone told her it was very difficult instrument to play. She proved them wrong, and was first chair in her school and university orchestras every year. She’s decided to become a music teacher, because she loves the interaction with the students she gives lessons to.She’s a huge anime and manga fan and is taking Japanese language lessons so she can read them in their original language. She’s allergic to shellfish, which is a bummer.

Ursula Humla 30€ Fashion has never been her forte. If she could, she’d wear the exact same outfit ever day. Her favourite activity is ice skating. She’s never quite gotten the hang of rollerskating though, which is weird, because she works at her uncles roller rink at the snack bar. Nachos with extra jalapeños are her favourite.